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Importance of GPS Tracking For Cars

Vehicle theft is still rife. Installing a GPS Tracker on a car or motorcycle aims to prevent unwanted things such as theft, fraud, the car being taken away, or even misuse of the vehicle. A tool will certainly be useful when it has a good function and role. Therefore, do you know how important a GPS tracker is for your vehicle? Well, here are some important functions that you can take advantage of using a GPS tracker. Just read it.

Anticipating theft
The main function of GPS for private vehicles is to anticipate theft. By using GPS, you can do live tracking so you can easily find out the exact location of your car. Not only that, by using GPS, you can also easily turn off the car engine just by using SMS even if it is done over a long distance.

Conducting Voice Monitoring / Tapping
The GPS tracker function is not only for tracking but also useful as a bugging device. By using this tool, you can listen to the conversations that are taking place in the vehicle cabin in realtime. The trick is that you only need to call the GPS tracker with a number that has been registered as an automatic admin. The GPS tracker will pick up and you can immediately listen to the ongoing conversation.

Set a schedule
Another function of the GPS tracker is that it can be used to set schedules. The schedule here means the schedule of your vehicle. This certainly makes it easier for those of you who have a car rental service business.

View Trip History
By using a GPS tracker, you can find out the travel history of your vehicle, even if you are not driving it yourself or are being carried by someone else. This makes it very easy for those of you who also have a car rental business.

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