It would be funny if it weren’t so sad

So DH works for this company who demands everyone pay for business travel on their own CCs and then get reimbursed, a policy that DH has fought ever since he started working there. Most of the time he is successful.

Then when he started renting cars, it started to become a hassle, so he went and got a Capital One (don’t say it) CC with a $300 limit. Yes, it gets paid off within 2 weeks after he returns from a trip, and he has been good about only using it for reimbursable travel expenses.

Ironically, during one of those trips, the balance got reported to the credit bureaus, which of course looks like a 67% utilization ratio, even though it’s now been paid off for almost a month.

So we complained to Capital One. They did the standard apology, it takes a while for everything to get reported….

AND THEN RAISED HIS CREDIT LIMIT TO $2300, “so a $200 balance will only report as 10% immediately, not 67%”

Well ya gotta give ’em points for trying. And no, I’m not telling DH they raised his credit limit.