Just like Eldred we did just basics this last week on our homework

Stayed home instead of traveling on the long weekend (the guys had Good Friday off). Did a wienie roast here at home instead.

Paid a chunk on the medical bills. Celebrated discovering not only are we now 100% covered on all medical procedures, but on our prescriptions as well when dh’s refills were free.

Ordered original factory car parts for the two trucks from amazon for less than half of what they cost locally. One part came and the guys did what was going to be a $500 plus parts repair on ds’ truck for under $30 and it took them less than 15 minutes to change the parts out. Our truck part should be here this weekend.

Dh had, what we hope is his final needed medical testing on Friday—it was free thanks to insurance. Now we are waiting on the results. Good thoughts please this is the one that has had me really anxious.

Paid a small quarterly bill that some how had slipped through the budget, won’t make that mistake twice. Luckily I had enough excess in the fuel budget I could cover it without upsetting the apple cart.

That’s it, a pretty boring week financially. But hey no real Murphy attacks, so I’m a happy camper.

Jan who is wondering if we will get severe weather today because of how funky it looks and feels outside in OK