So my bowling teammate mentions a loan that she was trying to get

She said something like “I’m getting this loan to get caught up.” She says she has another loan she’s had for 7 months and paid on time.
Me: you’re going into debt to pay off debt??
Her: no, I’m just trying to get caught up.
Me: so you’re borrowing money to pay off debt??

Apparently her previous job didn’t pay much, so she got behind on rent. And she thinks it’s a good idea to borrow money($500) to catch up on her rent, so her credit score looks better. Or something like that – the whole idea seemed stupid to me. At that point I told her, “Well I don’t borrow money, so…” And I left it at that. I could tell from just that 1/2 minute conversation that she had bought into the “but you NEED to borrow money to survive” mentality. And as bad as I was bowling I didn’t even feel like trying to convince her otherwise…

I think your concern is legitimate

and not your debt free mentality getting in the way of a good deal. If the seller won’t lower the price or give you money towards the land being deeded to the neighbor, and quickly, I would run the other way. Sometimes things happen for a reason, so your perfect plot might be out there and the universe is working magic to get you there.

Seriously, when buying our house, dh and I had our hearts SET on one place. It appeared shiny and beautiful, one of those too-good-to-be-true deals where the seller supposedly gutted and completed rehabbed it. Well just after our offer was submittied it was declined because they had something better, but about two months later they called us right back and said they’d take our offer afterall. We thought it was very odd they just declined our offer without countering, said they had another buyer offer much more, and then came crawling back. Well, we had already fallen in love again with a better house and we moved on. We found out later, the seller was hiding some issues. I don’t know exactly what, but it was enough to scare away someone!

So, I dont know – but I have always believed some things seem unfair at first, but they do happen for a reason.