So my bowling teammate mentions a loan that she was trying to get

She said something like “I’m getting this loan to get caught up.” She says she has another loan she’s had for 7 months and paid on time.
Me: you’re going into debt to pay off debt??
Her: no, I’m just trying to get caught up.
Me: so you’re borrowing money to pay off debt??

Apparently her previous job didn’t pay much, so she got behind on rent. And she thinks it’s a good idea to borrow money($500) to catch up on her rent, so her credit score looks better. Or something like that – the whole idea seemed stupid to me. At that point I told her, “Well I don’t borrow money, so…” And I left it at that. I could tell from just that 1/2 minute conversation that she had bought into the “but you NEED to borrow money to survive” mentality. And as bad as I was bowling I didn’t even feel like trying to convince her otherwise…