We are working hard on staying on budget

struggling the most with not eating out, but we are getting better with it. It is just so easy to grab something when you are out and about it is too tempting, but we are getting better.

3 Stooges update: received a “corrected” statement from them yesterday and…you guessed it the thing was still wrong.

This time they entirely dropped dh’s original visit off of the statement, which would be fine since insurance has paid it in full. Only they also dropped nearly $50 worth of payments we made on that visit as well as $35 worth of payments we made on another paid in full by insurance off the statement. So a total of roughly $85 worth of payments are not applied anywhere. Call me picky, but when I pay a bill I expect to get credit for the payments. The gal tried to tell me that insurance hadn’t paid those two bills in full because of our co-pay, only there is no co-pay with this doctor. I also have the statements from BCBS showing they paid the full amount.

So…they are going to send me another corrected statement. Hey, if they want to keep wasting their postage and time sending out incorrect stuff then so be it. I have made it VERY clear to them I am not paying off the balance until all payments by both us and and insurance have been applied in full.