I just keep wondering with the 3 Stooges

if reporting them to someone would be a really, really good idea. This has gone way beyond careless or absurd. This is either incomprehensible incompetence, or deliberate malpractice, if I can use that word for medical billing. The way they’ve handled your husband, ie “pay before you get your needed services” after he’d already paid, that almost qualifies as a shake-down or flat out extortion. And if they’re doing it to you, when they know you’re watching so carefully, what are they doing to others? What are they doing to reporting to the various federal agencies for compensation? And where is that money going? Are they lining their own nests with it?
I don’t know if medical billers are licensed in any way, but if they were CPA’s they’d lose their licensing over this. If nothing else, a call to the BBB to report that whole office as a bunch of “creative mathematicians” might be in order. If you want to go higher on the food chain, a report to the state attorney general for large-scale commercial wrong-doing would probably get someone’s attention. The OK Dept of Medical licensing may also be interested, since the doctors must know by now that their billing practices are incompetent and they’ve done nothing to correct the problem.