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The Importance Of Maintenance For Watches

The problem of caring for worlds best watches cannot be separated from dirt, dust, moisture, shocks, not to mention temperature and UV radiation. Even though technology has now produced watches that are more closed and shock-resistant than ever before, it must still be cared for and cared for so that your watch can last long and stay in top condition. Pay attention to the lubricant of the watch. Although modern lubricants last long, they dry or seal over time. A watch that is properly lubricated will perform better and last longer. The winding motion of the clock will disperse the lubricant and make it work. You don’t have to do this every day and every hour.

But for manual watches, it would be better to wind them consistently at the same time every day. For example, every morning when you get dressed. When turning the watch on the wrist, most people tilt the side. This treatment creates pressure on the dial and makes it easy to bend or break. Now that the watch has been removed from your wrist to wind it, do not open it on the street or anywhere on a hard surface. Because sometimes these locations can injure the watch or fall on the floor or the road. While it still works great, you probably don’t want any scratches on the luxury watch.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your favorite watch. Getting a little wet probably won’t damage your watch and you will even avoid hitting the leather strap. But you should never use soap and water. The molecules in the soap can penetrate very small spaces and can speed up breaking your watch. Your watch may have a high level of water resistance, but the materials used in the gaskets and seals can dry out, damaging the resistance of your watch is exposed to water. If you swim or shower with your watch it is a good idea to check its water-resistance every year. Many watchmakers have machines for checking water resistance via a pressure setting, and this is not an expensive and time-consuming test.

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