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Two Important Reasons For Not Using Plastic Bottles Repeatedly

Many people choose to use plastic bottles to fill drinking water. The reason is, practical and can be used repeatedly. Though they can buy custom Nalgenes at affordable prices. The results of several studies do not recommend you to fill water in plastic bottles. Why? These are two important reasons why plastic bottles should not be used repeatedly as drinking bottles.

1. Bisphenol A
This chemical is known as a substance that is harmful to health in several countries, but it is still used in the plastic manufacturing process. Specifically, for bottled water. Bisphenol A can penetrate the water when heated. The amount may not be significant, but it is enough to trigger potential problems, such as hormonal imbalances or even an increased risk of breast cancer.

Many people put hot water in plastic drinking bottles. It is also not recommended because it can increase the temperature of the outer layer of your drinking bottle. It is better to leave the hot water first until the conditions are warmer to put in a drinking bottle.

2. Bacteria
The second reason doesn’t sound fatal, but it’s not very pleasant. Even if you wash plastic bottles before pouring new water, these bacteria are very resilient. During the study, scientists tested reusable athlete bottles.

After one week of daily use (coupled with washing, of course), there are 900,000 times more bacteria than settle under the lid and on the neck of the bottle than in a new plastic bottle. As many as 60 percent of them can trigger the disease. In comparison, even seats in public toilets don’t have that much amount of bacteria.

So what to do? Ideally, throw a plastic bottle in a trash can that can be recycled as soon as you finish the contents. It’s best if you start using plastic bottles that can be used repeatedly with the sign “without BPA” (bisphenol A), or use bottles with glass material. Glass bottles don’t look tempting for bacteria. Apart from that, it is much better for the environment.

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